February 20, 2019 at 7-8:30pm  How can we feel climate change in our gut? How does sheer beauty relate to devastation? Can climate change inspire an evolution in our awareness through space and time?
These and other questions are explored by internationally-acclaimed artist Lars Jan/Early Morning Opera, immersive media artist/technologist Pablo Molina, and a team of scientists, engineers, and artists in the original live performance work HOLOSCENES.  
HOLOSCENES / Little Boxes is a new short art/science film based on the original HOLOSCENES, that has been specially adapted for Science On a Sphere® (SOS). It will premiere in Boulder at Fiske Planetarium, followed by a panel discussion with Jan, Molina, climate scientist Dr. Elizabeth Weatherhead, and others.
HOLOSCENES / Little Boxes was made possible by a collaboration between EcoArts Connections and Science On a Sphere® (SOS), premiered in partnership with Fiske Planetarium. It is one of the few projects in the world to commission artists to create science-informed, sustainability-focused, and arts-expressed films for SOS.
The film fuses together the cognitive tools of science (facts, analysis, charts, and graphs) with the affective tools of art (images, metaphors, and storytelling) and creates an engaging visual experience that dives into the social, emotional side of climate change.

The five-minute film includes footage of people completing everyday gestures in large tanks that gradually fill with water, submerging the performers, and then slowly unfilling, allowing the performers to resume moving more freely. These scenes are interlaced with vibrant global datasets and a compelling narration.

“At this point, the climate crisis is as much about us—the behavioral and cognitive science behind how we make decisions, think and act in the long-term, and feel empathy—as it is about CO2 or melting glaciers,” said Jan, founder of the genre-bending performance and art lab Early Morning Opera. “Climate science also makes clear: our biosphere, our communities, our daily behaviors are all part of a single, deeply connected system.”
“Fiske Planetarium is enthusiastic to premier HOLOSCENES / Little Boxes,” said Briana Ingermann, Education Programs Manager at Fiske. “The intersection of the arts and the sciences brings about new ways to create and new ways to learn about the world—to explore the range of human experience—particularly for something so impactful as climate change.”

This is a special collaboration between EcoArts Connections, Science On a Sphere®, and Fiske Planetarium and is FREE OF CHARGE, but seating is limited so come early to reserve your place.  The presentation will start at Fiske’s Science On a Sphere® in the lobby and then proceed into the theater for the panel discussion.  

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