Glass Animals in The Dome is an immersive show you won't want to miss! With mesmerizing graphics that embody tracks such as Dreamland, Tangerine, and Gooey you will watch your favorite song come to life before your very eyes! 

Enjoy a beautifully crafted mosaic of graphics projected LIVE by our very own liquid sky engineers and relax under one-of-a-kind liquid painted skies. 


  • Dreamland
  • Gooey
  • Youth
  • Take A Slice
  • Hazey
  • Season 2 Episode 3
  • Your Love (Deja Vu)
  • Tangerine
  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  • Tokyo Drifting
  • It's All so Incredibly Loud
  • The Other Side of Paradise
  • Heat Waves