Laser Fantasy Music Shows

This is not your parent's laser show!

Our cutting edge projection system from Laser Fantasy mesmerizes your eyes with vibrant colors cutting their way through the fog to our 360-degree wrap around screen.

All while our laser engineers fly you through the universe in beat to your favorite jams!

Laser fantasy image with purples and pinks

Liquid Sky Music Shows

Liquid Sky shows are immersive, mind-bending, psychedelic, and abstract.

Featuring carefully selected music set to some of the most amazing digitally-generated realtime graphics.

Fiske's 8K digital theater delivers perfectly blended beats and graphics --- transporting you to another world.

Liquid sky image with golds, oranges and magenta colors

Some shows may contain explicit language or images. Please use your discretion when bringing children to these shows. Please be aware that laser lights and strobes might cause seizures.

All of these are part of our regularly scheduled music shows. Regular ticket prices apply. Groupons can be used too!