As we develop a much larger picture about our Earth as a whole, we are coming to see it as a complex, interconnected, remarkable world, and one that humans have impacted directly. Explore the role of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the natural temperature variations that the Earth has experienced over millions of years, and how humans are affecting our planet today. How are scientists learning about our changing climate, and what strategies are people from all across the world taking to protect our future?

Climate Change in Our Backyard illuminates the story of how and why our climate is changing. From the remote mountain shack in the Colorado Rockies, through ancient bubbles in Antarctic ice, and into our own homes.

Climate Change Education Resources for Educators

Run time: 1 hour (30 minute film with a 30 minute related science talk + plenty of time to ask questions)

Age recommendation: 12+ (If you're 12 to 99 years of age you'll enjoy this show!)

This is one of our regular shows. Regular ticket prices apply. 

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