Fiske Planetarium is proud to present a film showcasing the research of our very own CU-Boulder Scientist, Dr. James Green.  A 30 minute film highlighting the current research of Cosmic Origin Spectrograph (C.O.S.) aboard the Hubble Space Telescope, the last instrument installed by the NASA astronauts. C.O.S. is allowing us an unprecedented view into the vast spaces between galaxies which surrounds our own Milky Way.  Join us in the exploration of this hidden universe as we decode the secrets to the origins of the cosmos. The presentation will be followed by a live lecture, Q&A, and star talk.

"C.O.S." is available free of charge for fulldome planetariums around the world. Contact our Production Department for information and terms.

Age recommendation: 15+ (If you're 15 to 99 years of age you'll enjoy this show!)

This show is by request only for K-12 groups or rentals.

Fulldome icon RunTime icon Age 15 Recommendation