July 20, 2019 at 5:30pm

Photo of Carolyn Crown conducting her researchThe samples returned from the Apollo missions revolutionized our understanding, not only of the Moon, but also led to ground breaking insights into the origin and evolution of our solar system. These Moon rocks have led to five decades of planetary science research, in fact cutting edge research is still being done on the samples today! In this presentation you will learn about some of the biggest discoveries to come out of Apollo samples and learn about the many missions that will return samples from asteroids, Mars, and the Moon next decade.

Biography: Dr. Carolyn Crow is an expert in analyses of extraterrestrial samples. She is leading many ongoing projects to understand the early geologic history of the Moon and the timing of impact events recorded in samples from the Moon, Mars, and asteroids. Dr. Crow is also part of a team of researchers recently selected to study never before opened Moon rocks. The results of this study will lead to new constraints on lunar volcanism and investigate different methods of sample storage that will be beneficial for future sample return missions.

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