The Fine Print

In order to ensure that our rental process, pricing and agreed-upon services are transparent and clear to all parties, please familiarize yourself with the following prior to beginning the rental process. Fiske reserves the right to establish conditions and restrictions beyond those presented here when necessary.

  • If the group is affiliated with the University of Colorado, payment must be made in advance by an I.N. or ACARD. If the group is not sponsored by the University of Colorado, they must deposit 1/3 of the rental fee at least 2 weeks before the scheduled event, and the remaining is due upon conclusion of the rental. If the group cancels without 2 weeks' notice, Fiske will retain the deposit in lieu of revenues lost.
  • The producing group agrees to pay for the repair or replacement of any equipment or material lost or damaged during the time they are using the facility. The renter will be responsible for litigation arising from copyright violation, or injury to the staff, participants or attendees. The renter is required to obtain liability insurance. Insurance may be waived only with the approval of University Risk Management.
  • The capacity of the theater is 206 seated people and one or more operators. No one will be allowed in the aisles during any performance, by order the Fire Marshall. Food and drink are allowed in the lobby area only. If the lobby is used either for a reception or dinner, the renter will be held responsible for additional charges to clean the lobby if necessary.