Alert: Parking at Fiske - Lot 308 closed August 1-10

Lot 308 is closed for repaving August 1-10. Please park in lot 306 (west of 308), metered parking along Regent Drive (no cost after 5pm and on weekends during this time period), lot 404 metered parking (south of Fiske), lot 436 (corner of Colorado and Regent Drive), or ride your bike or visit us via the bus.

Accessible parking is available in lot 408 (south of Fiske next to the metered parking), lot 423 (next to the Communication bldg.), and lot 406 (in front of Kittredge West Hall).

For more info please see the CU Interactive Map


Physical Address Artist's conception of the Milky Way and the location of our solar system. Text reads, "We are Here."

2414 Regent Drive, Boulder CO, 80309 (Use this address only to generate directions to Fiske Planetarium from online maps.)

Mailing Address

Fiske Planetarium
Campus Box 408, University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309

Parking on Weekends & Weekday Evenings

Parking at Fiske on weekends and weekday evenings is FREE in Lot 308, immediately to the west of the planetarium. Please visit the CU campus map for our location and other parking areas.

Parking on Weekdays

Parking at Fiske during weekdays is available at metered spots in Lot 306 (a small section in the northwestern corner of Lot 308), along Regent Drive, and a small number of spots on Kittredge Loop Rd. Please visit the CU campus map for our location and other parking areas.

Screen Capture of CU Interactive Map Showing Fiske and Parkign locations

Public Transportation

Fiske sits at the south end of the University of Colorado campus, and is within walking distance of bus stops on both Baseline and Broadway. These stops are served by the following bus lines:

Baseline stop #12338: Routes 204, 225
Broadway stop #12479: Routes AB, ABA, BMX, BOND, BV, BX, DASH, DM, GS, J, SKIP

For more information on public transit in the Boulder area, please see RTD.

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