Below are the shows featured in the Family 1 showcase.

Secrets of Gravity

Secrets of Gravity still image from film.

The young magician’s apprentice LIMBRADUR is far more interested in the universe and its secrets than boring magic spells. He is fascinated by the stars, the universe and the laws of nature. So, one night he sneaks into the Albert Einstein Museum where he meets ALBYX3, a small, clever but rather quirky robot who knows all about Albert Einstein and his theories. ALBY takes LIMBRADUR on a magical journey of discovery through time and space, during which they do not only uncover the secrets of gravity but also learn much about friendship and imagination. (runtime 45 minutes)


Polaris still image from the film.

James, a penguin from the South Pole, and Vladimir, a bear from the North Pole wonder why the night is so long at their homes. Trying to solve this mystery, their adventure leads them to build an observatory and to travel around the Earth, Mars and Saturn. Polaris is a playful story combining pedagogy and astonishing effects. Addressing concepts such as the tilt of the Earth's axis, planetary types and ice in the solar system, the show also introduces key elements of the scientific method. (runtime 29 minutes)

Dino Planet

Dino Planet still image from film.

On Dino Planet, Professor Schwartz has been raising dinosaurs since they were eggs. Now he would like to show you his pre-historic pets. Join him for an exciting and educational journey. Observe and learn about different types of dinosaurs as the tour winds through majestic tropical forests, an abandoned launch site and a frozen sled track. The professor is keen to share all he has learned about the creatures in his care. He might need to use his knowledge to return everyone home safely. (runtime 15 minutes)