Below are the shows featured in the Entertainment 2 showcase:

The Hidden Code

The Hidden Code by DJ Spooky

Imagine a visual odyssey through the cosmos, driven by lush musical compositions, and inspired by complex themes of astronomy, engineering, biology, and psychology. Paul D Miller aka DJ Spooky composed the music for The Hidden Code based on conversations with several of Dartmouth’s finest physicists, astronomers, engineers, biologists, brain scientists and computer scientists. Commissioned by The Neukom Institute of Computational Science at Dartmouth College, featuring original poetry by physicist/author Marcelo Gleiser and stunning visuals created by the staff of the award-winning Charles Hayden Planetarium at Museum of Science Boston, The Hidden Code is an hour-long multimedia experience that is a synthesis of emerging science, poetry and music transformed into the ultimate fusion of art and science.


Musica still image from film.

The sound of a forest, a flower, a sunset, the vast stadium of stars… A girl is mesmerized by the beauty of Nature and asks, “Why do I sense beauty?” A quiet pianist who calls himself “Musica” shows her the common elements hiding in both music and Nature. And so begins the endless conversation she has with Musica… and the Universe. (runtime 27 minutes)

Earth Symphony

Earth Symphony still image from film.

An Earth, such a wonderful planet we are living at! Experience the phenomenon created by atmosphere surrounds an Earth in dome screen, such as aurora, meteor stream, snow, and cloud. Mr. KAGAYA, a digital graphic artist, demonstrates beautiful digital image that your heart will be cleansed, takes you to Story of the Sky. Please enjoy seasonal starry sky with dynamic music. (runtime 26 minutes)