Below is more information about the shows in the Astronomy 5 Showcase:

Secrets of Gravity

Secrets of Gravity still image from film.

The young magician’s apprentice LIMBRADUR is far more interested in the universe and its secrets than boring magic spells. He is fascinated by the stars, the universe and the laws of nature. So, one night he sneaks into the Albert Einstein Museum where he meets ALBYX3, a small, clever but rather quirky robot who knows all about Albert Einstein and his theories. ALBY takes LIMBRADUR on a magical journey of discovery through time and space, during which they do not only uncover the secrets of gravity but also learn much about friendship and imagination. (runtime 45 minutes)

Decoding Starlight

Decoding Starlight still image from film.

Since ancient times, humanity has been fascinated by the starry sky. They even grouped stars into constellations and associated them with mythological figures or daily objects. However, these interesting stories were also all that the ancients knew of the stars. How far away from us are stars? What actually are stars? The ancients have been puzzled without a clue. In 1672, two breakthroughs shed light on these longstanding questions about stars. By cleverly using trigonometry and the relative sizes of the planetary orbits, the Italian astronomer Giovanni Cassini figured out the distance between the Earth and its nearest star - the Sun. By proposing that the sunlight was composed of lights of different colours, the British physicist Isaac Newton laid the groundwork for the wide application of spectroscopy in science. Follow the astronomers' footsteps to unlock the secrets of the stars. (runtime 33 minutes)

Journey to the Center of the Milky Way

Journey to the Center of the Milky Way still image from film.

What lies at the heart of our galaxy? For twenty years, ESO’s Very Large Telescope and the Keck telescopes have observed the centre of the Galaxy, looking at the motion of more than a hundred stars and identifying the position of an otherwise invisible object — the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy. Embark on a Journey to the Centre of the Milky Way and during seven minutes travel faster than light, from the driest place on Earth, the Atacama Desert in Chile right to the centre of our own galaxy, where a black hole is consuming anything that strays into its path. 84 million stars will appear in front of your eyes, each hiding mysteries waiting to be solved. Are there planets around them, perhaps with moons? Do they have water? Could they harbour life? (runtime 7 minutes)