Below are the shows featured in the Artistic 3 showcase:

Earth Symphony

Earth Symphony still image from film.

An Earth, such a wonderful planet we are living at! Experience the phenomenon created by atmosphere surrounds an Earth in dome screen, such as aurora, meteor stream, snow, and cloud. Mr. KAGAYA, a digital graphic artist, demonstrates beautiful digital image that your heart will be cleansed, takes you to Story of the Sky. Please enjoy seasonal starry sky with dynamic music. (runtime 26 minutes)

Blue Boulder

Blue Boulder still image from film.

University of Colorado student submission for photograph on the dome.  The clear blue sky after a winter storm in Boulder, Colorado.


Tribocycle still image from film.

An infinite design. A moment in time. A moving meditation. (2 minutes)

Continuum Infinitum

Continuum Infinitum still image from film.

"Continuum Infinitum" unfolds before your eyes by revealing finer and finer details emanating from a single point. It is a meditation on the mechanics of time and space as infinite and seamless processes. (runtime 2 minutes)

Intensional Particle Dome Installation

Intensional Particle Dome Installation still image from film.

When waterfalls and rivers are seen from afar, they seem to maintain static forms; yet, when one zooms into them in a microscopic level, they consist of ceaseless motions such as swells, waves and vortex. Based on this concept, Umeda reinterprets the particles in space not as static molecules but as active particles. It visualizes the intentional force generated from Umeda’s physical movement. Originally created as a dance work, Intentional Particle has been recreated into a dome installation. (runtime 7 minutes)

Boulder in Motion

Boulder in Motion still image from film.

This project was created by students from the University of Colorado, Boulder. This film captures Boulder, Colorado in a series of time lapse photographs. (9 minutes)


Lichtmond adio visual show

With LICHTMOND 3 "Days of Eternity" gold and platinum winning sound architects Giorgio and Martin Koppehele continue their artistic journey by setting another audiovisual milestone. Perfect sound and a fabulous, song-based story merge in the LICHTMOND 3 experience that takes you on a fantastic journey to the pristine world of the planet "Chronos" - the universal giver of time - where time disappears, time goes and time is born. Enjoy the Aesthetics of Sound and Image Sometimes hypnotic, sometimes spherical, sounds float over massive rock guitars or slowmotion beats. A magic triangle of electronics, ethno and rock songs, big voices and poignant poetry shape the pure originality of LICHTMOND. While audio-magic fascinates anew, perfectly composed visual worlds put the viewer under their spell more than ever. LICHTMOND with its spectacle of fantastic images presents a complete story combined with a perfect dramatic arc. (runtime 20 minutes)


Samskara still image from film.

The second iteration of the Android Jones/FullDomeLab collaboration - Samskara. In the original Samskara FullDomeLab took Android's 2D artwork and added depth and and some animated 3D objects to create a stunning immersive experience. In this version Android has created 3D artwork from scratch and worked with FullDomeLab to bring his visions to life. (runtime 20 minutes)