Below are the shows featured in the Artistic 1 showcase.

The Hidden Code

The Hidden Code by DJ Spooky

Imagine a visual odyssey through the cosmos, driven by lush musical compositions, and inspired by complex themes of astronomy, engineering, biology, and psychology. Paul D Miller, aka DJ Spooky, composed the music for The Hidden Code based on conversations with several of Dartmouth’s finest physicists, astronomers, engineers, biologists, brain scientists and computer scientists. Commissioned by The Neukom Institute of Computational Science at Dartmouth College, featuring original poetry by physicist/author Marcelo Gleiser and stunning visuals created by the staff of the award-winning Charles Hayden Planetarium at Museum of Science Boston, The Hidden Code is an hour-long multimedia experience that is a synthesis of emerging science, poetry and music transformed into the ultimate fusion of art and science. (runtime 45 minutes)

Chiang Mai Deep Trip

Chiang Mai Deep Trip still image from film.

Experience the beauty and colour of northern Thailand in Chiang Mai Deep Trip. This short film uses a combination of time lapse photography, long exposure times, fisheye lenses and shots from a drone platform to provide a unique perspective on the former Lanna capital. Visit, the old city and its moat walls, rural temples and gardens under the night sky. Travel from mountain tops to underground caves on a kaleidoscopic journey to immerse your senses. (runtime 18 minutes)

Celestial Clutter

Celestial Clutter show

Celestial Clutter is the first fulldome work from Charles Csuri, the “father of digital art and computer animation”. Charles Csuri has been working in the field of computer animation for over 50 years, with works included in the permanent collection of New York’s Museum of Modern Art. This fulldome film is a psychedelic kaleidoscope. (runtime 13 minutes)

Flower Universe

Flower Universe still image from film.

Makoto Azuma is the flower artist, who launched the experimental botanical lab Azuma Makoto Kaju Kenkyusho (AMKK). He has been focusing on his project arranging flowers in all kinds of mundane situations that don’t occur in the realm of nature, and continues to pursue the beauty of plants from a unique point of view. This show lets us experience his world with powerful fulldome movie. Brightly colored flower planet is taken by high-resolution 4K camera, emerges in the outer space filled in the dome. It is an experimental show as if traveling back and forth between flowers and universe as well as micro and macro world. (runtime 10 minutes)