With such diversity in today's planetariums shows, we wanted to offer blocks with a variety of content from science to art to entertainment. These are a great way to see the spectrum of FullDome shows. These programs are intended to be entertaining, not necessarily educational. Some content may be startling for younger audiences. Please call our Box Office if you have specific questions.


Starlight still image from film.

Starlight is told through the eyes of Margaret, as she steps back in time to relive childhood fears of the dark that awoke her curiosity about the night sky. Join Margaret as she takes you on an out-of-this-world journey to discover constellations and ancient cultures, the birth and death of a star and the inner workings of our Sun.

A World Underwater

A World Underwater still image from film.

This fulldome piece strings together some of the best underwater immersive video captured during a January 2016 expedition to Belize. Footage by award-winning underwater photographer Keith Ellenbogen and MIT theoretical physicist Allan Adams. Post-production by Jason Fletcher from the Charles Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science in Boston. (runtime 3 minutes)


Horizon still image from film.

The long-awaited journey to the horizon of the Universe starts in the winter of 2016.  Humanity has long scanned the horizon for the understanding of unknown worlds. Science brought analysis and at least partial understanding, but we continue to pursue the horizon. We will approach the horizon through the voices of people who have been chasing the stars through the Ptolemaic theory, the Copernican theory, steady state cosmology, to the big bang theory. (runtime 41 minutes)

Earth Symphony

Earth Symphony still image from film.

An Earth, such a wonderful planet we are living at! Experience the phenomenon created by atmosphere surrounds an Earth in dome screen, such as aurora, meteor stream, snow, and cloud. Mr. KAGAYA, a digital graphic artist, demonstrates beautiful digital image that your heart will be cleansed, takes you to Story of the Sky. Please enjoy seasonal starry sky with dynamic music. (runtime 26 minutes)

Flower Universe

Flower Universe still image from film.

Makoto Azuma is the flower artist, who launched the experimental botanical lab Azuma Makoto Kaju Kenkyusho (AMKK). He has been focusing on his project arranging flowers in all kinds of mundane situations that don’t occur in the realm of nature, and continues to pursue the beauty of plants from a unique point of view. This show lets us experience his world with powerful fulldome movie. Brightly colored flower planet is taken by high-resolution 4K camera, emerges in the outer space filled in the dome. It is an experimental show as if traveling back and forth between flowers and universe as well as micro and macro world. (runtime 10 minutes)

Orange Sky

Orange Sky still image from film.

This piece is an excerpt from a live storytelling event held at the Charles Hayden Planetarium in April 2016, exploring the theme of "Light in the Dark." (runtime 10 minutes)

Continuum Infinitum

Continuum Infinitum show

"Continuum Infinitum" unfolds before your eyes by revealing finer and finer details emanating from a single point. It is a meditation on the mechanics of time and space as infinite and seamless processes. (runtime 2 minutes)