Planetariums have changed a lot over the past five years. Through the help of modern digital projection and animation we go well beyond showing only the stars and constellations. Artistic expression on the dome is becoming very popular and some of the work in this immersive medium is quite stunning. We have a number of showcases featuring artistic programs below.

These programs are intended to be entertaining, not necessarily educational. Some content may be startling for younger audiences. Please call our Box Office if you have specific questions.

Click on each showcase for more details about those programs and to buy tickets.

Artistic 1:

  • The Hidden Code
  • Chiang Mai Deep Trip
  • Celestial Clutter
  • Flower Universe

Artistic 2:

  • Musica
  • Art Universe
  • Multiverse
  • Ghosts of Jupiter
  • Lichtmond

Artistic 3:

  • Earth Symphony
  • Blue Boulder
  • Tribocycle
  • Continuum Infinitum
  • Intensional Particle Dome Installations
  • Boulder in Motion
  • Samskara
  • Lichtmond