Lights out colorado logo with birds and stars

Lights Out Colorado

May 4, 2021

The International Dark-sky Association & Denver Audubon have teamed up for Lights Out Colorado . 80% of birds in North America migrate at night. Coloradans can save millions of birds as they migrate over our state, keep our skies darker, & save energy w/ 2 simple steps: Shield outdoor lights...

Photo of the Full Moon with some clouds Photo Credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky  

Full Pink Moon

April 27, 2021

Did you catch the Full Pink Moon last night? If not, don’t worry, it’ll still appear big and bright tonight too. Grab your binos or small scope and check out Sky & Telescope’s 7 Easy Things to See on the ‘SuperMoon.’ If it rains, you can always catch the next...

NASA SpaceX-Crew-2 four Astronauts

NASA SpaceX Crew-2 Mission scheduled to launch

April 20, 2021

NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 is ready to launch to the ISS on April 22! The Crew-2 flight includes mission specialist Thomas Pesquet from ESA, pilot Megan McArthur and commander Shane Kimbrough both from NASA, and mission specialist Akihiko Hoshide from JAXA (left to right). NASA TV LIVE launch coverage . Photo...

Photo of Yuri Gagarin signing autographs at a youth conference with Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space

60th Anniversary of Spaceflight

April 12, 2021

Sixty years ago today, the world was in awe as Russian Cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to break the bounds of the Earth and travel into outer space on board Vostok 1. Fascinated with flight at an early age, he became a pilot and then joined the Soviet...

Graphic from SkySafari app of the western sky from Boulder and Mars within Taurus

Mars & the Bull

April 6, 2021

Can you spot Mars in the west during twilight? The Red Planet is still within the horns of the bull and both are sinking lower in the spring sky. Photo credit: SkySafari

Moon in Beehive Cluster graphics photo image from Stellarium

The Beehive and the Moon

March 23, 2021

The Moon is all a buzz in the Beehive Cluster tonight. Get out your binos and join the swarm! At only 600 LYs away, M44 is one of the closest star clusters to us and is full of 1,000+ young Suns spanning the area of 3 full Moons (1.5 degrees)...

View of Earth from DSCOVR EPIC camera


March 20, 2021

It’s FINALLY Spring! The Sun crossed the celestial equator early this morning at 3:37a.m. The Sun rises due east and and sets due west on the equinoxes, plus day and night are approximately equal in length. Get out there and enjoy your ride on spaceship Earth! Want to see real-time...

Sirius graphic and Canis Major constellation from Stellarium

Scorching Sirius

March 16, 2021

Tonight’s forecast calls for a few flakes of snow & cloudy skies, but should it clear to the south, look for the brightest star in our Earthly skies - SIRIUS! From the Greek word scorching, Sirius is 8.6 LYs away (a mere 51 trillion miles) in the constellation of Canis...

Screen grab of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon in Capricornus Photo Credit Stellarium

Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon in Capricornus

March 9, 2021

Up before the Sun? Grab your binos and scan the eastern horizon early on Wednesday morning to spot Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon all within the mythical seagoat Capricornus. Photo credit: Stellarium

Constellation of Leo from Stellarium

Lion in the Grass

March 2, 2021

Have you spotted the Lion lounging on the eastern horizon? The beautiful stars of Algenubi, Rasalas, Adhafera, Algieba, and Regulus outline Leo’s head, mane and front paw, while Zosma and Chertan draw the back and hindleg, and Denebola completes the picture with a fur-tipped tail. If you have a telescope...