Graphic from Sky Safari showing the southeastern horizon with Saturn and the last quarter Moon to the right

For Early Risers

May 12, 2023

Getting up early? Grab a cup coffee and look towards the southeastern horizon about 5:30am to spot the last quarter Moon and our solar system’s ringed-giant.

Graphic from Sky Safari showing the wester horizon with Venus and Mars above to the left

Mars and Venus

May 9, 2023

Venus and Mars are still dazzling sky watchers in the western sky. Earth-sized Venus is about 84 million miles away, while Mars is twice that distance, but roughly half the diameter of Earth. Graphic credit: SkySafari app

Graphic from Stellarium showing the eastern horizon with the full moon rising in the constellation of libra

A Balanced View

May 5, 2023

Tonight the full Moon rises in Libra, the scales. Enjoy the balanced view. Graphic credit: Stellarium

Graphic from Sky Safari showing the constellation cancer with the first quarter moon by the beehive open cluster

Moon is all a buzz

April 27, 2023

Grab your binoculars and catch the first-quarter Moon hovering above the Beehive cluster tonight. Graphic credit: SkySafari app

Graphic from Sky Safari showing the Lyrid meteor shower radiant in the sky

Lyrid Meteor shower

April 22, 2023

Make a plan to watch the Lyrid Meteor shower in the wee hours of April 23rd. Best time to view the shower will be between 2-4am Sunday morning when the radiant (between Lyra and Hercules) is highest in the sky. Read more from NASA about the meteor shower. Graphic credit:...

Graphic from Stellarium showing the southwestern horizon with trees and Venus and the Pleiades cluster

Venus and Pleiades

April 10, 2023

Look to the west after sunset both tonight and tomorrow evening to spot the extremely bright planet Venus next to the Pleiades cluster. Graphic credit: SkySafari app

Photo or phlox flowers with a rising full moon in distance

Full Moon during Springtime

April 6, 2023

Watch the Pink Moon rise tonight! Is it really pink? Nope, but typically the full Moon in April is called the Pink Moon, because of the beautiful phlox or moss pink plant that blooms early in spring. Graphic credit: SkySafari app

Graphic from Stellarium showing the western horizon with Mars, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury

Celestial Challenge

March 27, 2023

Up for a challenge? After sunset, try to spot these 5 celestial objects with your unaided eye. Let us know how you did! Graphic credit: Stellarium

Graphic of the waxing crescent moon in the sky with the Pleiades

Moon & Pleiades

March 25, 2023

The Moon and the Pleiades form a pretty pair tonight! Graphic credit: SkySafari app

Photo of green plant shoots coming up from the ground and backlit by the sun

Spring Equinox

March 20, 2023

Spring is here! The Sun is directly over the equator, rising due east and setting due west. We’ll experience an equal amount of daylight and nighttime today. Tomorrow, the days will get progressively longer as we approach the summer solstice.