FiskeFest 2017 Art block for web

FiskeFest 2016 was a tremendous success! We featured the world's most recent and stunning planetarium shows in Boulder from July 30th - August 20th. This festival brought programs from all over the globe and covered a diversity of subjects far beyond astronomy and science, including artistic, entertaining, and family shows, plus live performances all using our state of the art 8K theater. Download the full program.

Our festival is a celebration of the immersive experience. This is a time of rapid advances in the technologies of presenting video, on small screens and large. We are pleased and proud to use our unique position as one of the leading U.S. universities in the fields of astronomy, space exploration, and science teaching to encourage the public, professionals, and the larger community to find outstanding ways to use immersive media.

We have designed the festival to be a conduit for artists, performers, producers, directors, vendors, and scientists to sample the bet the fulldome community has to offer, and to make plans for future productions. We invite you to join us as we look towards the future. - Dr. Doug Duncan, Director of Fiske Planetarium & Dr. Andrew Hamilton, Chair of the Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences


Best of Show - We are Stars
People's Choice - Dream to Fly
Best Photography - Kagaya's Aurora
Best Soundtrack - Resonances Boreales
Best Short Film - Rona and the Moon

Congratulations to all of our Film Makers!