Fiske Explorations Globe Observer - Become a STAR!

We want to make members of our Fiske community the stars of our new short film!

Explorations Film Title with Earth in the background

Want to be featured in our Fiske Planetarium Explorations film series?  Submit a video or photo of you or your family using the GLOBE Observer: Clouds App. In this episode, we will be highlighting the cloud images that you can take with your smartphone and how they help space satellites interpret and predict Earth’s climate. All ages are welcome to participate! Find out more...

GLOBE Observer is an international network of citizen scientists and scientists working together to learn more about our shared environment and changing climate. 



Fiske Planetarium leverages the prolific and talented academic community at CU Boulder to create compelling, scientifically accurate shows. We believe that our collective institutional knowledge and scientific research should be shared with the global community and we are pleased to offer our shows at no cost.

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