Published: Nov. 18, 2021

Graphic from Sky & Telescope showing the Moon at mid-eclipse with the Pleiades open cluster 6.8 degrees away

Tonight starting at 11:45pm MST, observers across the Americas, the Pacific, Australia, eastern Asia, and northern Europe will be treated to the beginning of a deep partial lunar eclipse. The celestial event takes place right next to the beautiful and very bright Pleiades open cluster (M45).

Mid-eclipse occurs at 2:03am MST with 97% of Moon within the Earth’s shadow, leaving a small slice of bright white outside of the shadow. The event wraps up at 4:35am MST.

Fiske Planetarium Director, Dr. John Keller talked with CU Boulder Today, providing some viewing tips for the eclipse, as well as some astronomical insight into lunar eclipses. Read more about Everything you need to know about this week's partial lunar eclipse. And, watch a 9News interview with Dr. Keller from the planetarium theater.

Want more info and photo guide? Check out the A Near-Miss Total Lunar Eclipse article in Sky & Telescope.