Published: May 10, 2020

Band photo of Big Head Todd & the Monsters playing at NASA JSC in Mission ControlLocal men of music and science… Last week you gave us a bunch of love for our post about Queen’s legendary guitarist, Brian May. So, we thought we’d give ya another post a little closer to home. Born and raised in Colorado and former CU students, band members from Big Head Todd & the Monsters made NASA history in 2005 by writing the song “Blue Sky” as a tribute for Space Shuttle Discovery's return to flight mission (STS-114) after the Columbia disaster in 2003. The song even beat out the "Theme from Star Trek!” Front man, Todd Park Mohr is a huge Trekker and ends all of his concerts with the live long and prosper sign, so having his song come out on top shows the band’s talent for blending art and science into a masterpiece of inspiration. Don’t miss the video of them playing “Blue Sky” live in Mission Control at NASA JSC to wake up the astronauts aboard the ISS.