Published: May 3, 2020

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden meets with Brian May, lead guitarist of the rock band Queen and astrophysicist, Friday, July 17, 2015 at NASA Headquarters in WashingtonA man of music and science. Queen’s legendary guitarist is also an astrophysicist. Dr. Brian May started his PhD in the early 1970s, but didn’t complete it until 2007. Dr. May is an inspiration to us for beautifully blending the arts and sciences throughout his life. He even went backstage with the New Horizons mission in 2015! As with many of us, Brian finds the night sky healing. “It’s the most spiritually empowering thing I know, to look up at the night sky and see Orion rising as the autumn closes in at the last moment, and it’s got me through some very hard times. When I had a couple of serious bouts of depression in my life the stars were a big factor in pulling me out.”