Published: April 16, 2020

Illustration of constellation Leo the LionLions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! There are all kinds of amazing creatures in our skies. After you participate in the 8pm nightly howl and the weather clears --- look up! Leo the Lion is almost at the zenith (highest point in the sky). He's laying down with his front paws stretched outwards, very much like the Egyptian sphinx. Now, take a look to the north to spot Ursa Major and Ursa Minor running around the north celestial pole. The tip of the tail of the Little Bear is our North Star, or Polaris. Technically, there aren't any tigers in the sky, but faint Lynx is hunting between Ursa Major and the bright star Capella in the west. What else do you see in the sky? Remember the constellations are just made up patterns of stars that prior generations saw. So get outside tonight and make the skies your own!