Published: April 12, 2020

Cover of book - The Glass UniverseThis week's Serene Sunday isn't so much a quote, as it is an invitation to take a deep dive into the world of the first female astronomers that changed the course of history and our understanding of the cosmos with Dava Sobel's book, The Glass Universe. "In the 1870s, before women had the right to vote or a firm standing in the workplace, a lucky few found employment at the Harvard College Observatory." In Dava's blog, she explained the phrase “glass universe” as the “ancient notion of crystalline celestial spheres” and also “Harvard’s incomparable collection of half a million glass photographic plates…a century-long effort to catalogue the entire content of the cosmos." It also reminds us of the glass ceiling so many women have faced in their careers. The book is a great read for discovering the amazing women who pushed the dawn of our understanding of cosmology into the full light of day.