Published: March 21, 2020

Cover for Crash Course AstronomyHave you ever wanted to know basically everything about the universe? Are you insatiably curious about what's directly above our heads? We know the perfect YouTube series for you! Tune in to Crash Course Astronomy with the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait! The very first episode takes you on a tour of the entire universe, in just about 12 minutes. Totally physically possible, right? His incredibly comprehensive Crash Course series is fun, easy to follow, and beautifully put together so that you can better understand topics like the phases of the moon, gravity, the Oort Cloud, and MUCH more! Like, 47 episodes, more.

This series is perfect for all ages. Pop on over to YouTube to start learning about astronomy, and we promise you, it's so fun that you won't even feel like you're learning!