Looking for more information on administering publication and creative works information in CU Boulder Elements (CUBE)?

If the links below don't answer your question, please feel free to email pubsdata@colorado.edu.

Viewing Publications in Elements - Elements offers different ways to view publication and creative work data, click here to learn more about the ways to view publications and creative works.

Editing Automated Records - If a record coming through the automated data feeds contains problems or if you wish to alter the record, please consult this guide for help on editing automated records.

Editing Manual Records - After adding a manual record if you need to make corrections, please see this guide for assistance in editing manual records.

Importing Publications in to CU Boulder Elements - If the automated search is not finding all of your publications, it is possible to import publications from an external source, provided the source can deliver the publication information in the BibTex or RIS formats.  Follow the instructions in this document to import publications from external sources.

Changing the "Type" of an Elements Record - Occasionally items coming through the automated feed are assigned the wrong Elements "Type." Please consult this guide for assistance with changing the Elements "Type."

Create Links - CUBE has the ability to create links between publications. This action is not recommended at this time.  In the future there will be the ability to create more links between objects in the CUBE system.  For more information please see this guide. Contact Matt Ramey at pubsdata@colorado.edu with questions on creating links between items.

Joining or Splitting Records - Occasionally records in CUBE may be duplicated and need to be manually joined and more rarely you might need to split two records that have been joined in error.  For more information please see this guide on joining or splitting records in CUBE.