The following measurements are monitored at the end of every semester: GPA, completion rate, and maximum timeframe.

GPA Requirement

Students must maintain a University GPA consistent with their academic program requirement. The University GPA is the official GPA on the student transcript. It is a cumulative GPA from all the campuses of the University of Colorado.

Type of Program








Completion Rate (Pace of Completion)

All students must pass at least 67% of all attempted credit hours with a grade of Pass, or D- or better. Attempted credit hours will include all CU hours (all campuses and continuing education) and transfer hours accepted by any other college or university. Repeated and non-passing grades will also count as attempted credit hours even if the grade is no longer calculated in the GPA.

The following grades are not considered passing: F, I and W. IP (in progress) grades are considered satisfactory and will not affect the completion rate.

Maximum Timeframe

Students are given a certain amount of terms to complete their degree before they become ineligible to receive financial aid (including federal student loans). Students will receive notification when they get close to meeting their maximum timeframe.

Refer to the charts below to review the maximum timeframe allowed by degree type:

Degree Type

Maximum Credit Hours




Degree Type

Maximum Semesters





Note: For dual degree programs, students will be allowed to complete both degrees based on the program with the highest maximum timeframe allowed. For example, if a student is enrolled in a Master's and PhD program, they will be given a total of 18 semesters to complete both degrees.

Graduate Funding

Please note that graduate funding, such as tuition waivers or fellowships which are paid directly to your bill or through the payroll system, will not be impacted by SAP suspension.

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