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Film 3422 -- The Hollywood Musical

Spring 2018, Tuesdays & Thursdays 2pm -- 5:50pm
Professor Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz

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The Hollywood system saw its last classic genre emerge after the standardization of sound technology, and the musical became almost immediately the most popular genre of its time. The genre developed into one of the most elaborate American art forms of the century, with its consolidation and combination of elements of the stage theater, opera, vaudeville, dance, music, and the kaleidoscopic “architectural” designs of sets, choreography, and mise-en-scène. Second only to jazz, many critics regard the Hollywood musical as the greatest American popular art form of the 20th century. This course offers a historical, theoretical, and formal approach to the musical through several of its iterations: from the ­classical, to the revisionist, to the unusual, placing the changes in form, structure, and ideology in the context of America’s evolving social, political, and religious values. Sect. 001: 106982 Open to all majors!

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Film 1003-Topics in Film Studies: Space Odysseys 

Spring 2018, Tuesdays & Thursdays 12:30 pm -- 1:45 pm
Screening Thursday: 7:00 pm -- 9:50 pm,
Professor Erin EspelieSpace Odysseys

Understanding representations of space in cinema (and other various art forms, notably in audio and visual mediums), and the science behind these representations, will be our primary impetus in inquiry. What are the political, societal, scientific, and commercial motives in attempting to show our species venturing beyond planet Earth—and other life forms making visitations here? How do these adventures highlight our hopes and fears for the future and clarify our present anxieties?
These cinematic reflections serve as a barometer of history, a chronicle of our fears, our dreams, as a culture and world society. Simultaneously, we can track the technological advances in astronomy and astrophysics, with an emphasis on NASA, in the 20th and 21st centuries. By the end of the term, you will have a firm grasp on major milestones in the “space race,” an understanding of what is technically possible, an expanded experience of how space has been depicted on screen in iconic fashion, and ideas about how to create your own vision of society’s ongoing contact with the cosmos. 


FILM 2004 - CU Film Studies Seminar: The Telluride Film FestivalFILM 2004

Fall 2017 - F 12:30-4:50 PM -
Professor Robinson

Offers students a unique first-hand understanding of the significance of the film festival circuit in the context of global film culture and scholarship. Students will attend Telluride Film Festival screenings, discussions and Q&A sessions. After the festival, weekly screenings of select films from the previous year's festival offer insight into the festival's influence on box-office and the industry's award season. 

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