Congratulations to our Outstanding Faculty Mentors AY 2022-23!

The Office of Faculty Affairs is pleased to recognize mentors of faculty across campus, who demonstrate many of the following qualities and activities of a mentor:

  1. Support: Encouraging growth and achievement by providing a supportive environment where challenges, successes, and failures can be openly shared and examined. Exploring mentees’ skills and interests to assist them in defining and attaining their goals. 
  2. Information and Advice: Carving out regular time to share knowledge, experiences, and wisdom to guide mentees in reaching their academic, professional, and/or personal goals. Making themselves available to provide regular and constructive feedback on mentees’ work. 
  3. Professional Exposure: Involving and/or supporting mentees in professional/leadership opportunities and readily sharing knowledge of other such opportunities with mentees. If the mentor is part of the same department, including mentees in publications, grants, presentations, and/or expositions when appropriate. Providing valuable access and opportunities by facilitating academic, professional, and personal contacts. 
  4. Inclusion: Creating access by sharing knowledge of the political landscape and power dynamics in the university and the discipline, if a departmental mentor, and effective strategies for navigating those structures. If the mentee is from an underrepresented, first-generation, or marginalized group, attention is paid to developing skills and support networks for overcoming institutional barriers they may face in the field. 
  5. Role Modeling: Maintaining high standards for excellence as an engaged university community member. Engaging in respectful relationships with colleagues, earlier-career colleagues, and students. Acknowledging power differentials in professional relationships and behaving with integrity. Encouraging mentees to adopt similar principles of professional behavior. 

Awardees were selected based on a minimum of two letters of recommendation from faculty mentees. Excerpts from their nomination letters are included below. Read more in CU Boulder Today!

Would you like to nominate your mentor? The nominations for Outstanding Faculty Mentors for AY 2023-24 will open in March 2024.