"Extending trust is the ultimate act of leadership, the defining skill that transforms a manager into a leader."
- Stephen M. R. Covey


Why Trust?
Are you able to engage those in your unit with compassion, gratitude, and support to build trust in your unit so that everyone will rally around each other and you, to achieve your agreed-upon goals?  Do you know how to build the trust necessary to propel your unit forward? Trust is not merely a soft, social virtue; instead, trust is a pragmatic, hard-edged, economic, and actionable asset that you can create. 

Trust is critical to getting things done; it is the one thing that changes everything. Without it, people are suspicious; everything takes longer. If you have credibility and have built a culture of trust, you will manage change better and create a group of colleagues who can work together to become more agile, collaborative, innovative, and engaged. 

Who should participate?
Sessions offered through Faculty Relations are designed specifically for those who work on the academic side of the university—such as academic and research faculty, academic administrators, staff working in academic units, post-docs, graduate students.

What does it cost?
If this is your first FranklinCovey course since September 1, 2020: $90.34 (Cost includes the All Access Pass – an online Franklin Covey Training website and digital course materials, which are available through August 2021). 

This is a live, instructor-led, online workshop. It is will be held via zoom. For questions, please contact Suzanne Soled, Director of Faculty Development and Support.

What’s the next step?
If you would benefit from the skills taught in Speed of Trust Training, contact Faculty Relations for more information or sign up for the next training.

To arrange a custom training for a group of 12-24, contact Faculty Relations.