We recommend these trainings for faculty leaders:

Crucial Accountability, a course in best-practice skills for successfully creating accountability. This training experience introduces a set of tools and an action plan for effectively resolving broken promises and violated expectations. 

Speed of Trust, a course in building trust among your teams. This training experience introduces the Speed of Trust practice, part of the Covey Trainings.

Getting Things Done, a course in workflow mastery. This training experience introduces methodology and tools for practicing the art of stress-free productivity at work and home.

Influencer, leaders at every level—including faculty and chairs--can achieve better results by learning how to influence those around them better—particularly when they are resistant to change. Drawing on five decades of social science research, Influencer reveals why people do what they do and teaches a model for influencing behavior. 

These trainings are offered through our campus partner, Human Resources, OR can be customized for a group of 12-24 participants offered through Faculty Relations. Contact Suzanne Soled for more details.