Thank you for volunteering to participate as a pilot faculty member during our spring pilot administration. The official spring 2017 pilot administration dates are April 24 through May 4.


  • Set aside 15 minutes at the beginning of a class time between April 24 and May 4 for students to participate via laptop, cell phone or tablet by visiting
    • Since this is an online administration faculty will not need to find a volunteer to help administer, but faculty members should leave the room during administration. 
    • Remind students that responses are still anonymous to their instructor(s).
  • Monitor course response rates at and consider offering microincentives (e.g. if the course reaches 80% participation receive a free 100 on a homework assignment). Refer to the how-to section below to learn how to monitor current response rates.
  • Pilot faculty will be able to pull their own reports using the online tool the week of May 15. Refer to the how-to section below to learn how to pull reports online.
  • After the administration, share thoughts regarding the process with the redesign committee. Faculty will receive an email to participate in the survey the week of May 15.

The initial email invitation will be sent to students on April 24.

Four reminder emails will be sent to students that have not participated on the following days:

  • April 27
  • April 30
  • May 2
  • May 4

Group and individual optional questions requested for the traditional FCQ will be added to the below question sets for each pilot faculty.