In consultation with the Provost’s office and conversations with the colleges and schools, FCQs will be administered as scheduled, though there will be some important changes. For the latest information on your summer 2020 FCQ administrations, please select your campus below.


FCQ results

As with spring 2020, only instructors will be able to view their reports—no department leads or administrators will be able to access summer 2020 FCQ results. We will not distribute reports or post results of the summer 2020 administration.

Instructors will be able to view their FCQ reports through the Campus Labs portal,, on Thursday, August 27, at noon.

No batch reports will be distributed this semester. No results will be posted online.

Who to contact with questions?

Please direct all questions to your department FCQ coordinator.

If you are not sure who your FCQ coordinator is, please consult the list below (alphabetical by department name) or open as an Excel spreadsheet:

Department FCQ Coordinator Email
Ind Learning Adam Beaver
Organizational Leadership Scott Battle
Art & Art History Jean Goldstein
Air Force ROTC Robin Dean
Asian Language & Lit Asuka Morley
Anthropology Diana Wilson
Astro & Planet Sciences Steph Preo
Applied Math Ian Cunningham
Applied Math Laura Gooch
Arts & Sciences Peter Hoagland Peter.Hoagland@Colorado.EDU
Aerospace ENGR Melissa Piper Melissa.Piper@Colorado.EDU
ATLAS Marisa Reynolds
Prog Atmosp/OceanSci Laurie Conway
Baker RAP Claire Figel


Biochemistry Ryan Rich
Business Brandie Castillo
Ctr for the Amer. West Roni Ires
Ctr for Asian Studies Danielle Rocheleau Salaz
Chemistry Anne McWilliams
Chemical ENGR Meg Clarke
Classics Steve Slater
CMCI: JRNL Lisa Guinther
CMCI: APRD Layne Lewis
CMCI: INFO Sarah Mandos
CMCI: INFO Amanda Robinson
CMCI: CMDP/IAWP Lori Wichhart
CMCI: CMCI Samira Rajabi samira.rajabi@Colorado.EDU
College of Engineering Kammie Slavin
Comparative Literature Ellen Napodano
Communication Jewel Gurule
Communication RAP Destiny Baccino
Computer Science Stephanie Morris
Computer Science Chantel Lehl
Computer Science Vanessa Luna
CU in DC Serena Leland
Civil/Arch ENGR Christina Vallejos
Civil/Arch ENGR Laura Vaznelis Ward
Arch ENGR Araceli Warren
Education Shawn (Si) Kim
Eco & Evol Biology Jennifer Kinion
Eco & Evol Biology Cori Fagan-Edminster
MSEE Abby Rose Abby.Rose@Colorado.EDU
Electrical & Comp ENGR Vanessa Dunn
Economics Maria Oliveras
Economics Karen Kelly
Engineering Management Kyle Wood Kyle.Wood-1@Colorado.EDU
English Department Katherine Lewis
Environmental Studies Bobbie Bryant
Environmental Studies Penny Bates
Ethnic Studies Joanne Corson
Ethnic Studies Virginia Kester-Meyer
Environmental Design Caitlin Schmidt
Environmental Design Peggy Gordon Peggy.Gordon@Colorado.EDU
Environmental Design Ezra Gunn
Environmental ENGR Joanne Uleau
Farrand RAP Natalie Gutierrez Natalie.Gutierrez@Colorado.EDU
Film Studies Rhonda McCuan
French & Italian Steve Slater
First-Year Seminars Elizabeth Garfield
Geography Karen Weingarten Karen.Weingarten@Colorado.EDU
Geography Darla Shatto
Geology Madelaine Atteberry
Geology Ruth Mansbach
German Karen Hawley  Karen.Hawley@Colorado.EDU
German Casey Koehler
Global Studies RAP Jeanine Reinke
Global Studies RAP Samantha Skeen Samantha.Skeen@Colorado.EDU
History Kellie Matthews  matthewk@Colorado.EDU
Honors Program Lynne Buckley lynne.buckley@Colorado.EDU
Health Professions RAP Stephanie Barnhizer Stephanie.Barnhizer@Colorado.EDU
Honors RAP Carmen Jura
Humanities in ENGR Lori Walker Lori.Walker@Colorado.EDU
Humanities Ellen Napodano
International Affairs Katherine Rousseau  Katherine.Rousseau@Colorado.EDU
International Affairs Jackie LaMaire
Integrative Physiology Rachel Salaz Rachel.Salaz@Colorado.EDU
Integrative Physiology Marsha Cook
Jewish Studies Linda Park
Law Cameron Najera
LGBTQ Studies Valerie Bhat
Libby RAP Jillian Martinez
University Libraries Amy Arenson
Linguistics Cynthia Clark
Miramontes Arts&Sci Prg Roshanne Ebrahimian
Mathematics Tiffany Dowd
Music Rebecca Rico
MCD Biology Karen Brown Karen.Brown@Colorado.EDU
MCD Biology Aileen Kohlerschmidt Aileen.Kohlerschmidt@Colorado.EDU
Mechanical ENGR Aimee Santistevan
Army ROTC Meggan Foster
Museum Janet Bensko
Naval ROTC Marlene Deutsch Marlene.Deutsch@Colorado.EDU
Peace & Conflict Stds Jackie LaMaire
Philosophy Megan Flaherty
Philosophy Terri Baldridge
Physics Kirsten Apodaca
Physics Lindsey Romero
Political Science Haruko Greeson Haruko.Greeson@Colorado.EDU
Political Science Audrey Wilson
Study of Western Civilization Lily Welch
Psychology Amanda Meyer
Prog in Writing/Rhetoric Melynda Slaughter
Religious Studies Adrienne O'Connell
Stdt Acad Svcs Ctr Cindy Winn
Stdt Acad Svcs Ctr Julia Willis Julia.Willis@Colorado.EDU
Sewall RAP Michael Shernick
Speech Lang/Hearing Pramila Patel
Speech Lang/Hearing Raul San Agustin
Sociology Brigitte Sellinger
Sociology Patricia Burton
Sociology Laura Patterson
Spanish and Portug Linda Park
Spanish and Portug Shannon Markusen
Spanish and Portug Doreen DeLisle delisled@Colorado.EDU
Theatre & Dance Stacy Norwood
Telecommunication Jessica Lee
Special UG Enrichment Prgms Susan Rundell
Women and Gender Studies Valerie Bhat
President's Leadership Jessie Kasynski
FCQ questions

Per the directive of the Provost's office, summer courses will use the alternative question set that was used for spring 2020 FCQs. Due to the unique nature of remote learning, it is important that results not be compared with other semesters. Using different questions guarantees that no comparisons can be made between spring/summer 2020 and other semesters.

Custom questions will not be included this semester, including accreditation and Teaching Quality Framework questions. If your department is required to ask accreditation questions, we recommend doing so via a Canvas or Qualtrics survey.

The question set that will be used was developed and piloted in 2016–17 by the three-campus FCQ Redesign Project, whose committees included faculty, staff and students across the CU Boulder campus, including BFA representation, faculty involved in the Discipline Based Education Research group, and others.

The question set consists of the following questions:

  • Scale: 1-Hardly Ever, 2-Occasionally, 3-Sometimes, 4-Frequently, 5-Almost Always, N/A
  • Course Questions: In this course, I was encouraged to:
    • Q1 Interact with other students in a respectful way.
    • Q2 Reflect on what I was learning.
    • Q3 Connect my learning to "real world" issues or life experiences.
    • Q4 Work and learn collaboratively with my classmates.
    • Q5 Contribute my ideas and thoughts.
    • Q6 Evaluate arguments, evidence, assumptions, and conclusions about key issues (be a critical thinker).
    • Q7 Connect, synthesize, and/or transform ideas into a new form (be a creative thinker).
    • Q8 Consider diverse perspectives (gender, political, ethnic, racial, etc.) during class or in assignments.
  • Instructor Questions: In this course, the instructor:
    • Q9 Demonstrated respect for diverse students and diverse points of view.
    • Q10 Challenged me to develop my own knowledge, comprehension, and conceptual understanding.
    • Q11 Gave projects, tests, or assignments that required original or creative thinking.
    • Q12 Provided opportunities for students to ask questions and initiate discussion.
    • Q13 Provided feedback on my work that helped me improve my performance.
    • Q14 Explained the grading criteria for assignments.
    • Q15 Was available to answer questions or provide assistance when needed.
    • Q16 Effectively used available technology to enhance learning.
  • Comments:
    • Q17 Please offer constructive comments to your professor / instructor on the most effective and/or least effective aspects of this course.
Custom questions

Custom questions will not be included this semester, including accreditation and Teaching Quality Framework questions. If your department is required to ask accreditation questions, we recommend doing so via a Canvas or Qualtrics survey.

Why no custom questions?

  • The custom questions are attached to the current FCQ instrument. Since we are using a different instrument, there are no existing custom questions attached to it. It would require manually entering more than 1,200 existing custom questions as new questions.
  • Only instructors will have access to summer 2020 results. Therefore, custom questions will not be visible to their intended audience anyway. Custom questions are generated by the department or college, not the instructor, and the respsonses won't be accessible to anyone other than the instructor.
Course audit

The course audit will continue the same as other semesters.


FCQ results

A decision on summer 2020 is forthcoming. Below is a description of the spring 2020 process:

Per campus directive, FCQ reports will only be distributed to faculty members. Results will not be distributed to department leads or administrators and they will not be posted publicly on any websites or Tableau reporting tools.

Instructors: No change. You will receive an announcement from Campus Labs when your reports are posted, which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 26 at 12 p.m. You can access them through the faculty portal,

Department leads and administrators: You will not be able to access spring 2020 reports through the Campus Labs administrator portal.

Batch reports will not be distributed for spring 2020 FCQs.

Colorado Springs

FCQ results

Currently, there are no changes planned for summer 2020. They are scheduled to follow the spring 2020 process:

Individual and batch reports will still be distributed to instructors and department leads and administrators. However, FCQ results will not be made public and will not be posted to any FCQ websites or Tableau reporting tools.

Instructors: No change. You will receive an announcement from Campus Labs when your reports are posted. You can access them through the faculty portal,

Department leads and administrators: No change. You will receive an announcement from Campus Labs when reports are posted. You can access them through the administrator portal,

Batch reports will be completed roughly two weeks later.