On this page we have provided information and compiled questions we often get from students. If you are unable to find the answer within this page, please let us know by visiting and submitting a form on our contact us page.

Online FCQ info for students

Online FCQ administration dates
  • Fall and spring terms: FCQs are administered on a Friday to Friday window during the last week of the session. Check the FCQ calendar for the current spring or fall term’s administration dates.
  • Summer classes: At this time the administration windows for summer classes will be announced closer to summer 2018.
Online FCQ administration procedure
See procedures for online FCQ administration for more detailed information.
Technical support: What to do if you can't access your Campus Labs FCQs

Ensure you are accessing the correct portal based on your user group*

Students: Use the Course Evaluation portal, https://colorado.campuslabs.com/courseeval

Instructors: Use the Faculty portal, https://colorado.campuslabs.com/faculty

Administrators: Use the Administration portal, https://colorado.campuslabs.com/ce

*If you belong to multiple user groups (e.g. a graduate student who also teaches, an administrator who is attending a class), you will need to use multiple portals. You will not be able to access all your courses in one location.

If you experience performance issues with the Campus Labs platform, such as slow loading times or site outages, contact Campus Labs Support:

Online: https://courseevaluationsupport.campuslabs.com/hc/en-us, and click on green “Contact Us” button in the upper-right corner

Phone: 716-270-0000 (available from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. MT, Monday through Friday)

Student FAQs

How are the FCQ reports used?

The results for the FCQ are meant to be used for the following:

  • Individual instructors for use in improving their courses and teaching.
  • Department chairs and deans for use in course assignments and in promotion, salary, and tenure decisions.
  • Students for use in course selection.
Why am I getting an email from notification@ce.mail.campuslabs.com to take my FCQ?

FCQs are administered through the online vendor, Campus Labs, and email invitations and reminders are delivered through their system. Please know that your responses are secure and anonymous to your instructor.

What are the online FCQ administration procedures?
How do I contact department heads with comments about my instructor(s)?

It is possible comments on FCQ forms may not be viewed by anyone except the instructor. Students have the option of contacting the head of the academic unit offering a course to praise, criticize, make suggestions for improvement or make other comments.

How to provide comments and contact academic unit heads

  • Address your comments to the academic unit head. The academic unit head vary by school, program or college.
  • To find email addresses, locations, and phone numbers for academic units, consider doing a Google search for the department, program or college.