On this page we have provided information and compiled questions we often get from coordinators. Please be sure to coordinate with your instructors to avoid duplicating efforts. If you are unable to find the answer within this page, please let us know by visiting and submitting a form on our contact us page.


Course audit training

How to request and review FCQs for your unit.

Technical support: What to do if Campus Labs isn't accessible

Ensure you are accessing the correct portal based on your user group*

Students: Use the Course Evaluation portal, https://colorado.campuslabs.com/courseeval

Instructors: Use the Faculty portal, https://colorado.campuslabs.com/faculty

Administrators: Use the Administration portal, https://colorado.campuslabs.com/ce

*If you belong to multiple user groups (e.g. a graduate student who also teaches, an administrator who is attending a class), you will need to use multiple portals. You will not be able to access all your courses in one location.

If you experience performance issues with the Campus Labs platform, such as slow loading times or site outages, contact Campus Labs Support:

Online: https://courseevaluationsupport.campuslabs.com/hc/en-us, and click on green “Contact Us” button in the upper-right corner

Phone: 716-270-0000 (available from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. MT, Monday through Friday)

FCQ Charts: A graphics tool for the FCQ

This video tutorial walks you through the FCQ Charts page, https://www.colorado.edu/fcq/tutorials.


Department FCQ Coordinator responsibilities

What is a department FCQ Coordinator?

A department FCQ coordinator serves as a liaison between department and FCQ program. They should understand and be familiar with the FCQ program's calendar, policies, processes, reports and resources (e.g., FCQ results requester). Each department should have at least one FCQ coordinator, with larger departments typically having multiple FCQ coordinators. One that serves as the primary FCQ coordinator and the others as assistants or back-ups. For the departments with more than one coordinator, only one will have direct access to FCQ reports.

      New department FCQ Coordinator? Contact us!

      Please contact the FCQ program if you are a new FCQ coordinator so we can set you up in our system and provide you with some basic FCQ information. We need to know: 

      • Your name, campus and department
      • Your work email address and phone number
      • If you are a replacement, additional or temporary department FCQ coordinator 
      • Whether or not you are the department’s primary FCQ coordinator
      Department FCQ Coordinator responsibilities (each term)
      • Review classes and instructors in course auditing list provided by FCQ program using CU-SIS data. Classes and instructors will be pulled directly from CU-SIS.
      • Contact FCQ program to arrange for early administration (unavailable fall 2017 only)
      • Distribute online FCQ results per department policy after end of term
      • Answer miscellaneous questions about FCQs from department administrators, staff, instructors and students, or direct them to the FCQ program for assistance
      • Work with the FCQ program to resolve department FCQ-related problems 

      Department FCQ requests

      How to request FCQs

      Standard administration

      There is no more course list editing system. Instead, FCQ coordinators can review classes and instructors using the course list auditing system provided by the FCQ program. Department staff will make updates directly in CU-SIS. Classes and instructors will be pulled directly from CU-SIS.

      Special administration

      In addition to the standard administration procedures, special administrations must contact FCQ program to arrange for early administration (unavailable fall 2017 only).

      Combined sections
      • FCQs for combined sections are set up under the sponsoring section only, and all students enrolled, regardless of which section they are enrolled in.
      • If you have any questions about how to handle this, please email or call the FCQ program
      Custom questions

      Custom questions may be submitted at any time, but in order to appear on evaluations within the current term they must be submitted before the FCQ calendar deadline (usually week 7 or 8 of the semester). Questions submitted past the deadline will still be accepted, but they won't appear on the FCQ until the following term. For example, the deadline in fall 2019 was November 8:

      • Questions submitted by November 8 appeared on the fall 2019 evaluations
      • Questions submitted in December were held until the following term

      The deadline date will be posted at the beginning of each term and distributed to FCQ coordinators.

      Important: Custom questions can be attached to courses, subjects, departments or instructor roles (e.g., primary, secondary, TA), but not to sections or instructors. In other words, only submit questions that you plan to use for multiple sections, classes or semesters. For example, if you would like to add custom questions to DCBA-1000, those questions will be asked in each section of DCBA-1000. They can't be restricted to section 002 only. One-time use questions, or instructor-specific questions, will not be accepted.

      Please submit custom questions to fcq@colorado.edu.


      Department FCQ administration and collection

      Administration dates
      • Fall and spring terms: FCQs are administered from the Monday of week 14 through Monday of week 15. Check the FCQ calendar for the current spring or fall term’s administration dates.
      • Summer classes: Administrations run weekly throughout the summer.
      Administration procedure

      See procedures for online FCQ administration for more detailed information.

      FCQ results

      Types of reports by campus

      There are various reports available to departments/instructors. View types of reports for all campuses.

      Results from other platforms

      The FCQ program only reports results from data that are collected through the Campus Labs platform. While there are multiple reasons for this policy, the primary reason is the ability to ensure the quality of data that are collected by the FCQ program. Subsequently, data collected independently by a department using its own methods (e.g., Qualtrics, Blackboard, MailChimp, paper form or any other survey tool) will not be reported by the FCQ program.

      Coordinator FAQ

      How are the FCQ reports used?

      The results for the FCQ are meant to be used for the following:

      • Individual instructors for use in improving their courses and teaching
      • Department chairs and deans for use in course assignments and in promotion, salary and tenure decisions
      • Students for use in course selection.
      How should a department use FCQ scores when evaluating an instructor's teaching?

      The FCQ program should be only one component of a well-rounded instructor rating system. 

      Is there a paper option? If not, can I print and distribute paper versions of the new evaluation?

      There is no longer a paper option, and any paper FCQs sent to the FCQ office will be returned unopened and unprocessed. If you use paper evaluations, it will be for internal use and course/instructor improvement, but the results will not be part of the official FCQ report or appear on the website.

      Will I be able to request course-sections that aren't in CU-SIS?

      No. Only classes in CU-SIS will receive evaluations. You will need to enter a class into CU-SIS in order for it to receive FCQs.

      Is there a minimum enrollment for a course to receive FCQs?


      Yes. The combined minimum enrollment is three. For example, if courses 4010 and 5010 make up a combined course, and there are two students enrolled in 4010 and one in 5010, then they will receive FCQs.\

      The minimum combined course enrollment to receive FCQs is three students. The reasons are twofold:

      1. To protect student anonymity (fewer students increases the likelihood of identification based on student comments)

      2. Protect data integrity (if students fear they are identifiable, they may be less critical of an instructor, which compromises data comparisons).

      If my class isn't eligible to receive FCQs (e.g. low enrollment, ineligible section code, non-CU students, etc.), what evaluation tools may I use?


      The FCQ program has created a Qualtrics version of the FCQ, which can be administered online. These will not be posted with FCQ results, but can be used for evaluation and portfolio purposes. You may also design and use an instrument of your choosing and administer through paper, Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, the LMS, or some other method.

      If your department/campus doesn’t have a Qualtrics license, we recommend using Survey Monkey, your campus LMS, or paper for internal evaluations.