Please see information below regarding custom questions, formerly called optional questions. 

An e-memo was sent out to department chairs in September 2017, outlining the below requirements for custom questions to be administered during fall 2017.

  • FCQ group custom questions, formerly called optional questions, must be explicitly renewed 
  • Review the attached list, indicate which questions you want to renew by marking them on the form (scan and return) or indicate in email, return by Wednesday, September 27 
  • You may submit as many accreditation questions as  you need 
  • Please limit your non-accreditation questions to five per class 
  • We will be revisiting number of allowable custom questions in the spring 
  • Any FCQ custom questions not renewed by September 27 will expire starting fall 2017 
  • Blanket responses like “We’d like to keep all of the questions” will not be accepted 
  • You cannot add new custom questions for fall 2017

For fall 2017 FCQ administration, instructor custom questions are unavailable. More information will be provided for spring 2018 administration at a later date.