Please note: all FCQs are administered online

Key FCQ Dates

FCQ Course Auditing Timeline

FCQ Windows for Early Ending Courses

Summer 2019 Key FCQ Dates

Date Day Event
May 20 Monday FCQ administration begins for early ending Summer 2019 classes
June 4 Tuesday Spring FCQ reports released (tentative)
June 10 - June 26 Monday - Wednesday FCQ course auditing period
August 8 Thursday, 12 p.m. FCQ initial results available through Campus Labs -  UCCS (tentative)
August 15 Thursday, 12 p.m. FCQ initial results available through Campus Labs - Denver (tentative)
August 29 Thursday, 12 p.m. FCQ initial results available through Campus Labs - Boulder/CEPS (tentative)

* FCQ windows may be extended as needed at the discretion of the FCQ program

FCQ Course Auditing Timeline

Date Description

June 10 - June 26

FCQ coordinators should review classes and instructors using the course list auditing system provided by the FCQ program during this timeframe. Go to, select your campus, department and review the Excel spreadsheet. Please contact FCQ program with any questions or changes.

FCQ Windows for Summer 2019 Early Ending Courses

The FCQ program will be opening weekly FCQ windows for classes that do not run on the 15-week class schedule, such as weekend, split, and short courses. By default, the administration window is determined by the course end date that appears in CU-SIS (listed below).

If you need to change the administration window, please update during the course audit period. For classes ending prior to the course audit, please contact the FCQ office directly.

Early ending classes vary greatly in their timing, so to give every class the opportunity to complete their evaluations in the classroom we do weeklong administrations. Generally, the windows will open on Mondays, and occasionally on Tuesdays, at 11 a.m., with end dates varying from Saturday - Sunday (depending on the dates of weekend classes). The sessions apply to classes on all campuses unless otherwise noted.

Session Month FCQ start date FCQ end date CU-SIS end date Start day End day
1 May 20 25 May 25 Monday Saturday
2 May 28 June 1 June 5 Tuesday Saturday
3 June 3 8 June 12 Monday Saturday
4 June 10 15 June 18 Monday Saturday
5 June 17 22 June 25 Monday Saturday
6 June 24 29 July 3 Monday Saturday
7 July 1 6 July 10 Monday Saturday
8 July 8 13 July 17 Monday Saturday
9 July 15 20 July 24 Monday Saturday
10 July 22 27 July 31 Monday Saturday
11 July 29 August 3 August 7 Monday Saturday
12 August 5 9 August 10 Monday Friday
12x August 10 11 August 12 Saturday Sunday
13 August 12 17 August 18 Monday Saturday
14 August 19 24 August 30 Monday Saturday