Moving the FCQ fully online has many benefits for all and for specific audiences!

The new platform supports CU’s environmental initiatives

  • Each year the paper FCQ generated more than: 

    • 400,000+ paper FCQ forms 
    • 20,000 envelopes 
    • 20,000 report pages 
    • 10,000 support documents (instructions, memos, mailing labels) 
    • 10,000 packing list documents
  • Fossil fuels were required to transport paper forms on their minimum eight trips 

Enhanced data security and storage

  • Each paper form made a minimum of eight trips to and from the FCQ program office, each of which put them at risk of being misplaced, potential tampering or delivered to the wrong address.
  • Online results are easy to download to create physical and/or digital backups, whereas with paper FCQs, the only record of student comments was the original forms with no backup if lost.

    1. Quick access to results: Fully online administration will result in quicker access to results with narrative question responses in an electronic format.
    2. Access to current response rates: With the easy to use Campus Labs interface, instructional faculty can actively manage their response rates with response rates updating every 30 minutes.
    3. Students can complete FCQs in or outside the classroom: Put the administration dates on your syllabus and during administration week, set aside 15 minutes for students to complete their online FCQ and ask them to complete it outside of class at their convenience if they don't complete it during the class time.
    4. Longer FCQ administration window: A longer window provides instructional faculty with additional days and greater flexibility to have FCQs administered.

    1. Mobile friendly interface: Access this with whatever internet abled device you choose to use whether PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone.
    2. Easy to use form: The simple form allows for easy navigation and uncluttered views.
    3. 24/7 access to online FCQs: Students do not have to be present in class to take the FCQ. Access the online FCQ 24/7 during the administration period.
    4. Ease of access: Previous online FCQs were only accessible through a personalized link sent to the student's email. With the new online platform, students can visit during the administration period and authenticate through their student portal.
    5. Option to save and edit FCQs: If a student finds they cannot complete an FCQ while in the middle of the form, they can now save and re-open the form any time during the adminitration period and pick up where they left off.
    6. Secure form submissions: FCQ submissions are confidential and secure.
    7. Lengthy open-comment sections: Students can now provide very lengthy responses to narrative questions.
    8. Classes on multiple campuses? No problem! Students sign into Campus Labs using their credentials from any of the campuses they are taking classes, and all their course evaluations from all campuses will be there.

    1. Online requires fewer resources from departments: No scrambling for pencils during FCQ week and no need to store cases of FCQs and FCQ reports.
    2. No more boxes of FCQ packets to deal with! No distributing paper FCQs by campus mail, collecting them, mailing them back to the FCQ program, and then distributing the packets of FCQ results. No lost or late receipt of paper FCQ packets.
    3. Shorter turnaround time for results: While turnaround for paper was a minimum of six weeks, with online FCQs, departments will be able to access results shortly after web grading ends.