All aspects of this web page are subject to change at any time, including the (tentative) schedule of courses below.

Each semester Farrand RAP offers a mandatory one-credit course, Passport to Literature in the Humanities (FARR 1100).  Students will be registered to take this course on a random basis either in the fall semester or the following spring semester.  If, however, students register for Humanities 1110 they will be exempt from FARR 1100.

In addition, students will take at least one three-credit course each semester from a menu consisting primarily of courses from the arts and humanities, such as literature, philosophy, ethics, religious studies, music appreciation, film analysis, and U.S. and diplomatic history.  There are also several courses from the social sciences and natural sciences (e.g., cultural anthropology, Western political thought,  American government, micro and macro economics, and human nutrition) for those students who are interested in such topics on culture and society.  Finally, we routinely offer classes that teach basic writing skills and mathematical reasoning.

If you wish to take an additional Farrand course in addition to your required course, and FARR 1100, you have the option of taking another course for no additional fee.  These courses will be assigned based on availability after all students have registered for their first Farrand class.