The Farrand Residential Academic Program (RAP) focuses on the study of the humanities within the larger frame of culture and society. All residents of Farrand Hall, the most coveted residential hall on the campus owing to its beautiful location, participate in the RAP.

Farrand RAP offers small seminar-size courses (15-20 students) that fulfill every area of the lower-division Arts and Science core curriculum.  Students may choose from among dozens of popular arts and sciences core courses offered by our award-winning faculty. 

Each semester Farrand RAP offers a mandatory one-credit course, Passport to Literature in the Humanities (FARR 1100).  Students will be registered to take this course on a random basis either in the fall semester or the following spring semester.  In addition, students will take at least one three-credit course each semester from a menu consisting primarily of courses from the humanities, such as English literature, French culture, philosophy and ethics. religious studies, music appreciation, film analysis, and U.S. and diplomatic history.  There are also several courses from the social sciences and natural sciences (e.g., cultural anthropology, Western political thought,  American government, micro and macro economics, and human nutrition) for those students who are interested in such topics on culture and society.  Finally, we routinely offer classes that teach basic writing skills and mathematical reasoning.

Farrand creates a lively academic and living community, because:

  • Most faculty offices and office hours are in Farrand giving students easy access to teachers.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in a number of activities including:
    • faculty-led co-curricular events, outdoor programs, and volunteering opportunities;
    • student-led events – such as film nights, open-mic events, and game nights.
  • Residential advisors and second-year student mentors advise and help first-year students feel at home in their new surroundings.

To apply for the program, select “Farrand” on the program/building preference section of the housing application.  There is $850 non-refundable fee per academic year in addition to normal room-and-board charges.  Fee is subject to change