A collection of articles on communication, managing relationships, and other topics of interest to faculty members.

Why We Can't Just Get Along

In this essay, John Frazee explains why academics sometimes struggle to maintain good working relationships.

Don't Hit Send Until You Read This

John Frazee takes on one of the biggest sources of conflict: email.

New Kid on the Block

Being the new kid on the block -- a junior faculty member newly arrived on campus -- presents multiple challenges you’ll need to manage to lay the foundation for a successful career. John Frazee offers some advice.

The Old New Kid on the Block

Joining a new institution as a senior faculty member or administrator presents many challenges. John Frazee offers some advice for managing them.

A Different Kind of Career Capstone

"Bullying": How Helpful Is the Term?

"Wicked" Colleagues

Advice from a Veteran Chair

Listening is a Difficult (and Essential) Leadership Skill


What's an Apology?