An interdepartmental mentoring program, created and overseen by the Office of Faculty Relations, to provide pre-tenure faculty with senior faculty mentors from other units. Designed to give mentees a different perspective and a sense of safety that may not be possible when a person’s mentor is someone who will be assessing their performance, this pilot mentoring program will begin in August 2020. Any tenure-track faculty member prior to the year they go up for tenure could apply to be a mentee. Any tenured associate or full professor may apply to be a mentor. Should the demand for the program be above the pilot projection size of 25 pairs, historically unrepresented faculty will be given priority. Faculty members not assigned in the first year would be encouraged to reapply the next year and would be given priority in the following year.

Mentoring pairs are expected to meet at least once monthly from September 2020 till August 2021. An orientation, which will include an introduction to the partner and a session to help both parties develop reasonable expectations, will occur in August 2020 [date to be announced later].

Mentoring pair assignments will be based on information supplied in the applications, as well as the help of the Mentoring Faculty Advisory Committee (a group composed of representatives of each college).

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Mentee Application
Mentor Application

Application Deadline: July 3, 2020

If you have questions, contact: Robin Bernstein, Faculty Director, Office of Faculty Relations (