About the Program

A cross-campus mentoring program, created and overseen by the Office of Faculty Relations, provides pre-tenure faculty with senior faculty mentors from other units, and was designed to give mentees a different perspective and a sense of safety that may not be possible when a person’s mentor will assess their performance. Any tenure-track faculty member prior to the year they go up for tenure could apply to be a mentee. Any tenured associate or full professor or retired/emeritus professor may apply to be a mentor. Should the program's demand be above the number of available mentors, faculty from marginalized groups will be given priority. Faculty members not assigned in the year they apply are encouraged to reapply and will be prioritized the following year.

Quotes from past participants (pilot program 2020-21)

“I’m really enjoying the mentorship conversations I’ve had with my mentor through this program. He’s awesome!”

“My mentor has been very supportive and lovely this year! Really great to have someone outside of my unit to talk to.”

“I’ve found this to be a really rewarding experience that definitely goes beyond what my department offers.”

“I’m so grateful to be a part of this program. My mentor has been lovely – accessible, supportive, and provides an important perspective on the institution outside of my department. Thank you!”

Program Details

Mentoring pairs are expected to meet at least once monthly from September 2021 till August 2022. An orientation, which will include an introduction to the partner and a session to help both parties develop reasonable expectations, will occur in August 2021 [date to be announced later]. There are multiple topics that pairs might like to cover in their discussions, including but not limited to:

  • Meeting and balancing multiple competing requirements (e.g., research, teaching, service) for tenure
  • Developing mentoring skills/perspectives, working with students
  • Finding strategies to strike a satisfactory integration of work and life
  • Pathways and networking for leadership opportunities

Mentoring pair assignments are based on information supplied in the applications, with the Mentoring Faculty Advisory Committee's guidance, a group composed of representatives from each college.

Why Be a Mentor or Mentee?

Some reasons why faculty want to be a mentee:

  • Increase your knowledge
  • Get help with motivation
  • Hear words of encouragement
  • Share your stories with a trusted ally
  • Hear opinions on subjects you want to know about
  • Ask for accountability for achieving the goals you set
  • Get insight into ways to strengthen areas of your life
  • Discuss goals, planning, and strategies for success in academia
  • Gain the perspective of a senior scholar outside of your program
  • Identify opportunities, resources, networks, and communities of support

Some reasons why faculty want to be a mentor:

  • Share knowledge
  • Celebrate successes
  • Become a better leader
  • Change someone’s world
  • Work through challenges
  • Empower through example
  • Be inspired by your mentee
  • Share resources/connections
  • Shape the leaders of tomorrow
  • Expand your network/perspective
  • Make a difference to someone else’s life
  • Gain insight into generational differences
  • Embed what you’ve learned through teaching
  • Build a campus community of support for junior colleagues

Application Deadline for Participation for AY 2021-22: May 3, 2021

Mentee Application
Mentor Application 

If you have questions, contact: Harsha Ganga, Faculty Director, Office of Faculty Relations (gharsha@colorado.edu)