Monthly workshops are offered throughout the academic year to get you prepared and keep you prepared for your leadership role. The workshops are provided as part of our Academic Leaders Institute. The knowledge, skills, and abilities learned through these workshops correspond to those identified as critical actions and behaviors that CU academic leaders must be able to demonstrate to be effective on the job as described in the Academic Leaders Competency Model.

Fall 2019

Organizational Politics
November 14, 2019, 12-1:30 pm

Let’s get real on outing the political games around us i.e. Machiavellian, narcissist, …
In this session you will learn: 

  • Why play the workplace politics game
  • Your political style  
  • How to diagnose the political games in your organization
  • How you respond in organizational political situations
  • How to deal with people who play organizational politics

This is NOT theory based, it is a nitty, gritty look at the something we all know, but don’t openly talk about. Learn how to diagnose the games played by individuals in your organization, and what to do.  The session is case-based and interactive.

Presentor: Merna Jacobsen, PhD, SPHR, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Deputy Chief HR Officer • Director, Organizational and Employee Development, Human Resources
When? Nov 14, 12-1:30pm
Where? CASE E422
Lunch will be provided
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How to Respond to Someone Who Discloses a Traumatic Experience
November 18, 2019, 3-4:30 pm

Traumatic experiences happen every day - faculty, staff, and students at CU Boulder are not exempt. Build skills on how to respond to someone after they disclose a traumatic or life-disrupting event. After a traumatic experience, usually friends, mentors, and family are the first to hear about it, and this includes faculty too. How we respond matters and impacts healing and whether the survivor will seek additional support. 

Presented by the Office of Victim Assistance’s Director Jessica Ladd-Webert, LPC
When? November 18 3-4:30 pm
Where? Regent 1B86
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Coming Spring 2020

Your Role in Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure
January 27, 2020, 12-1:30 pm

You will be soon preparing for next year’s tenure and promotions cases, and NOW is the time to learn how to do this. Come and learn:

  • What is the chair's and dean’s role in supervising the reappointment and promotion process? 
  • How do I constitute a PUEC, arrange for letters from external reviewers, and keep the process on track? 
  • How can I as chair or dean protect the confidentiality of the review process? 
  • If a case receives an affirmative vote in your department but a negative vote from the Dean's Advisory Committee, what are the chair’s responsibilities in managing the process at that point? What is the role of the dean?

Presenter: Michele Moses, Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs
When? January 27, 12-1:30 pm
Where? Regent 302
Lunch will be provided
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Faculty Evaluations: Practical Advice
Febuary 2020

Time for Faculty Performance Ratings. Are you wondering how to have a crucial and perhaps difficult conversations about these reviews? Learn some practical advice of what to do in challenging situations, and ask your questions, as we hear from a panel of current chairs and directors.  We will discuss:

  • How to deliver a less-than-stellar performance evaluation to faculty expecting a glowing review.
  • What to say to encourage improvement to a faculty member in the year ahead?
  • What to do when a faculty member gets angry, grumpy, crosses their arms over their chest, cries, vehemently denies or says “you hate me” in an evaluation (or any) meeting?
  • What are the rights faculty have to grieve the evaluation? If a faculty member asks you on the spot, could you explain their rights? 
  • If you are having disagreements with a faculty member and anticipate a difficult review, what can you do to help make this go smoother?
  • What kind of due diligence does a chair need to do if they want to be able to create a case leading to an unfavorable decision in the future?

When? Febuary 2020

The Complex World of University and Academic Budgets Sessions 1 and 2
April 2020

What are the campus budget model and planning process? Where did the current year's budget go, and what are the plans for next year's budget?  How do campus, college, and unit level budgets work?  How can I be a good fiscal steward in my unit?  These questions and more will be covered by campus budget experts. This workshop will be offered in two sessions. Session 1 covers an overview of the university budget, its different sources of funds, how the university thinks about our dollars, and current external/internal challenges. Session 2 covers unit budgets, building good financial management and budgeting practices, and working with your finance team.

When? April 2020

Cultivating Inclusive Leadership
May 13, 2020

Based on The Six Traits of Inclusive Leadership (Commitment, Courage, Cognizance of Bias, Curiosity, Cultural Intelligence, Collaboration), this day-long workshop will build a shared knowledge base, language, and framework for inclusive leadership. It is a chance for you to assess your abilities related to inclusive leadership, and create a plan for moving forward in your growth as a campus leader. This workshop will raise the level of consciousness about inclusive leadership, and the associated individual and organizational challenges for cultivating our commitment and abilities around inclusion. 

When? May, 13 2020
Where: Glenn Miller ballroom

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