Innovate Hours are events that cover important ideas in academic leadership and include specific skill building actvities.  Leave with a concrete action or tool you can use!  

Events and Offerings for 2021

Innovate Hour: Managing Microaggressions in Your Unit

This session will present campus culture data to prompt attendees to examine negative behaviors that impact the departmental environment and the classroom. Skills for recognizing and productively addressing microaggressions, navigating difficult situations, and handling reports to OIEC will be included. Understanding how the OIEC process works and correlates to the PRR process can help academic leaders navigate long and short-term difficulties in their environment. Speakers: Teresa Wroe, Senior Director of Education and Prevention, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, OIEC and Julie Volckens, Director of Assessment, OIEC
Register for Wednesday, September 29, 12-1 pm

De-escalating Conflict

In this workshop we will explore how effective engagement with conflict can provide opportunities for growth. We will look at factors that contribute to escalation in conflict as well as tools for de-escalation, and address specific questions about conflict management. Conflict involving staff-faculty, faculty-faculty and students-faculty will be addressed. Speakers: Daniel Easton, Interim Director, SCCR and Colin Johnson, Conflict Resolution Coordinator, SCCR
Register for Tuesday, November 9, 12-1:30pm

Past Events

Innovate Hour: Resiliency Skills for Faculty

In these complex and stressful times, the need for accessible and effective tools are essential as we navigate change and prepare for the future. This Innovate Hour will explain the role emotions play in performance and health and how to utilize the heart/brain connection to regulate your heart rhythms to immediately address your emotional state in challenging situations. For over 20 years, the evidence-based HeartMath® program has helped people discover practical ‘in the moment’ self-regulation tools to increase resilience in stressful or pressured situations. 
Register for Tuesday, July 13, 1-2 pm


Innovate Hour: Social Intelligence

Effective leaders understand the power of harnessing skillful listening techniques and that means having a repertoire of good ways to respond. One impactful technique is knowing when to use autobiographical listening versus emphatic listening to better understand your faculty and staff. In this Innovate Hour, we will learn how to listen and respond with social intelligence, which is the ability recognize, understand and manage our own and others emotions.
Lauren Harris, Training and Development Manager, Human Resources
Register for Wednesday, March 10, 2-3 pm


Innovate Hour: Maintaining Your Scholarship and Creative Activities as an Academic Leader

It’s possible! Hear from colleagues who have successfully navigated the challenge of maintaining research and creative work productivity while serving as one of CU Boulder’s few female academic leaders.
Register for Thursday, February 25, 1-2 pm


Innovate Hour: Dealing with Porcupines

Need to calm a combative conversation? Consider BIFF the High Conflict Institute’s highly effective method of responding to difficult people, personal attacks, hostile email and meltdowns. Ombuds will introduce the BIFF approach and provide an opportunity to practice during this Innovate Hour!
Liz Hill, J.D., Co-OP*, Associate Director, Ombuds Office and Jerry Hauser, Professor Emeritus (CMCI), Faculty Ombuds, Ombuds Office
Register for Tuesday, January 19, 2-3 pm