Monthly workshops are offered throughout the academic year to get you prepared and keep you prepared for your leadership role. The workshops are provided as part of our Academic Leaders Institute as part of our onboarding process for leaders. The knowledge, skills, and abilities learned through these workshops correspond to those identified as critical actions and behaviors that CU academic leaders must be able to demonstrate to be effective on the job as described in the Academic Leaders Competency Model.

Events and Offerings for 2021

Getting You Prepared: Nitty Gritty of Comprehensive Review, Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure (CRPT) (Part 2 of 2-Part Series)

As a follow-up to the first CRPT workshop, this Getting You Prepared Workshop takes a deep dive into the specifics of CRPT, and focuses on the details of the paperwork so that you can avoid the pitfalls that can hold up or derail the comprehensive review process. Speaker: Carolyn Tir, Director of Faculty Personnel, Office of Faculty Affairs
Register for Tuesday, September 21, 3:30-4:30 pm

Past Events

Getting You Prepared Workshop: Comprehensive Review, Promotion and Tenure (CRPT)

This session features insights into navigating the processes of comprehensive review, reappointment, promotion, and tenure (CRPT) in your role as an academic leader. 
Speaker: Michele Moses, Vice Provost and Associated Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs
Register for Tuesday, March 16, 2-3:30 pm

Getting You Prepared Workshop: The Complex World of University and Academic Budgets

Where do the funds come from to run our campus? Where did the current year's budget go, and what are the plans for next year's budget? How do campus, college, and unit level budgets work? How can I be a good fiscal steward in my unit? These questions and more will be covered by campus budget experts. This workshop will provide an overview of the university budget, its different sources of funds, how the university thinks about our dollars, and current external/internal challenges. 
Presenters: Carla Ho-a, Chief Financial Officer; Ann Schmiesing, Executive Vice Provost for Academic Resource Management
Register for Monday, April 19, 12-1:30pm

Getting You Prepared: Comprehensive Review, Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure (CRPT) (Part 1 of 2-Part Series)

You will be soon preparing for next year’s tenure and promotions cases, and NOW is the time to get an overview on to do this. Come and learn: • What is the chair's and dean’s role in supervising the reappointment and promotion process? • How do I constitute a PUEC, arrange for letters from external reviewers, and keep the process on track? • How can I as chair or dean protect the confidentiality of the review process? • If a case receives an affirmative vote in your department but a negative vote from the Dean's Advisory Committee, what are the chair’s responsibilities in managing the process at that point? What is the role of the dean? Speaker: Michele Moses, Vice Provost and Associated Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs
Register for Tuesday, September 14, 3-4:30 pm