Approved by Provost Phil DiStefano

July 1, 2002

This policy applies to faculty and professional exempt staff in Academic Affairs units.

Campus policy delegates to the Provost the responsibility for ensuring that recognition award programs are properly designed and implemented. 
A recognition award may be granted to recognize extraordinary performance by exempt professional employees and faculty.  Recognitions awards are non-base building awards and allowed only when an established award program has been approved by the Provost prior to the award process commencing.  Effective immediately, an award program plan approved by the Provost must be on file with the Office of Faculty Affairs (49 UCB) in order for any one-time award payments to be made to faculty or exempt professional employees. The plan should include:

1. A description of the program and its objectives. 
2. Criteria for receipt of the award. 
3. A description of how eligible employees will be notified of the availability of the award 
4. Selection criteria. 
5. Description of selection committee to be utilized. 
6. Source of funding that supports the award.

Campus policy states that recognition awards may be granted in exceptional circumstances, and generally should not exceed $3,500.  Awards over $1000 will need the Chancellor’s approval as well as that of the Provost.

According to campus policy, recognition awards are intended to compensate employees for exceptional work, which, in most circumstances, is not likely to be repeated.