If you have recently decided to leave CU-Boulder, we would like to know why. We are always sorry to lose a colleague. Your decision may, of course, have been a purely personal one, but it may also have been a response to some aspect of life at the university. Everyone at CU is interested in making the university a desirable place to work and live. We all work very hard to recruit the very best applicants, and it is in all of our interests that we retain promising colleagues. Faculty Affairs and the Boulder Faculty Assembly would like to see if there are practices, policies, things we do, or things we do not do that have contributed to your decision to leave the university.

We hope that you will take a few moments to help us learn what we can do to improve the professional and personal lives of the CU-Boulder faculty.

Faculty Exit Questionnaire (PDF HERE)

Another option that is available is an exit interview with one of the faculty ombuds. The ombuds office may be reached by telephone at 303 492-1574. The ombuds maintain total confidentiality, which means that your comments can be summarized along with those of others and therefore included in the survey without revealing your identity..

Alternatively, you can meet to meet face-to-face or have a phone conversation with Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs, Jeff Cox, if that is more convenient. Professor Cox can be reached at Office of Faculty Affairs, UCB 49, by phone at 303-492-5491, or by e-mail at avcjeff.cox@colorado.edu.