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 Recruitment Process

A Faculty Position Recruiting Authorization Form, approved by the Dean, will be submitted by the Department/School/College to the Office of Faculty Affairs. Any revision to the information (e.g., change in title or salary) requires that a new form be submitted. 
If the faculty position is a joint appointment with another academic unit, only one academic unit must complete a Faculty Position Recruiting Authorization Form but the signature of each Dean or Chair must be shown. However, percentages of the budget that each academic unit will share must be clearly stated on the form. 
When the budget allows, academic units that have received formal approval on the authorization form may receive financial assistance from the Office of the Provost to support a national search.
An ad will be prepared and approved by the Dean or the Dean's recruitment liaison that includes the following language: 
The University of Colorado is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to building a diverse workforce.  We encourage applications from women, racial and ethnic minorities, individuals with disabilities and veterans.  Alternative formats of this ad can be provided upon request for individuals with disabilities by contacting the ADA Coordinator: 

Fair Employment Practices - At the commencement of each search, the academic unit is required to notify the Office of Employment Services that a search will be initiated.  All academic units are required to file a search plan prior to the start of a search and a summary at the conclusion of the search and before an offer is made. All searches will be conducted as open searches unless there has been a written request to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs to waive the search.  For more information on search committee procedures and to access the search committee online training, please visit the following links on the Office of Employment Services website: Faculty Search Tips and Online Training.
If acceptance of an offer of employment is contingent upon the employment of the faculty member's spouse, special procedures must be followed. Please refer to section entitled Spousal Hire. 
Consult with the Office of Foreign Student and Scholar Services as to the feasibility of an appropriate visa for any potential hire who is not a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident. Contact their office at 303-492-8057. 
In instances where an individual may be offered tenure with the appointment, the vitae of the candidate, solicited external letters of evaluation, Dean's Endorsement, Statement of Primary Unit (including report and explanation of faculty vote), evidence of teaching competence, copy of "Primary Unit Criteria for Promotion and Tenure" and three examples of publications as part of the search must be forwarded to the Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Faculty Affairs for review by the Vice Chancellor's Advisory Committee (VCAC) as detailed in the VCAC Checklist for Appointments (Hires) with Tenure. 
The Dean's recruitment liaison will prepare the appropriate offer letter in draft form for review. The liaison will e-mail the draft letter of offer to the Office of Faculty Affairs for review, corrections, changes or approval to:  The draft letter should be resubmitted if additional language or terms are inserted or materially altered after the review. 
The Dean's recruitment liaison will prepare and submit the final offer letter package to the Office of Faculty Affairs. The package should include the following: 

Once the draft offer letter has been approved by the Office of Faculty Affairs, the liaison will submit the signed letter of offer, State of Colorado Oath, and benefits package to the candidate for review and signature.  The liaison will return the signed letter of offer to the Office of Faculty Affairs along with a completed authorization form and notarized State of Colorado Oath. A personnel file will be established in the Office of Faculty Affairs. 

These appointments must be reported on the Chancellor's Delegation Report for final approval by the Chancellor. Completed offer letters received in the Office of Faculty Affairs by the 21st of the month will be included on that month’s delegation report. Hires with tenure require additional processing including review and approval by the Vice Chancellor’s Advisory Committee (VCAC) as well as final approval by the Board of Regents. Campus liaisons are notified by the Office of Faculty Affairs following approval by the Chancellor or the Regents.