Faculty members with 9-month academic appointments do not accrue vacation benefits. The following policy, excerpted from Regent Policy 11-E - Leave Policies for Officers, Exempt Professionals, and Faculty discusses vacation benefits for unclassified academic, administrative and professional personnel who have 12-month appointments. 

  1. Unclassified personnel on twelve-month appointments are eligible to receive 22 working days of paid vacation upon completion of one year of service and annually thereafter. Unclassified personnel on regular, part-time twelve-month appointments earn vacation on a prorated basis. Upon approval by the appropriate administrative officer, vacation may be taken as earned. 
  2. Vacation must be taken on an annual basis. Waiver or postponement of vacation may be allowed only on review of circumstances and must be approved by the senior officer to whom the person reports (i.e., chancellor, president, executive vice president, or secretary of the Board; the chairperson of the board will act for the board in the case of the president, secretary of the board and university treasurer). Under no circumstance, may vacation accrual exceed forty-four days. 
  3. Direct compensation is not provided in lieu of use of earned vacation. However, upon termination of employment after twelve months of continuous service or upon retirement, direct payment is made in the equivalent amount of the employee's earned unused vacation time up to a maximum of forty-four days. 
  4. When a holiday occurs during a vacation, the holiday is not considered a day of vacation time. 
  5. Vacation accrual is frozen during periods of leave without pay. 
  6. Vacation accrual in excess of 44 days, earned in accordance with prior policies, will be carried forward until compensated for according to the policies in effect at the time of accrual. However, effective September 1, 1976, persons with unused vacation in excess of 44 days may not accumulate additional vacation time by failure to use vacation earned after that date. (A person with 50 days of accrued vacation on 9/1/76 may not, therefore, forego vacation for the next year to increase the accrual to 72 days).